My May Column – The Fifth Station

My May column should be published this weekend in the Scottish Catholic Observer.

This month I look at Simon of Cyrene, who was he and why should Itake any notice of him?

Get your copy from your local parish this weekend. The full text will be published here next week for those who miss the opportunity this weekend or where the paper is sold out – again.

So What?

Ukip have changed politics for ever! Really?
What’s behind the recent Euro results?
People are disgusted by the way our government has abused its powers and attacked everyone but the rich and lied about it. They have told them that they are lower than a mouthy guy in a bar who talks rubbish and has no policies.

This result is not about Europe. This is a message to Parliament. I think the message reads;
Forget the extra holiday.
Get to work and do what you are paid for.
Start sorting out the economy.
Stop messing around with schools, marriage, anything that distracts attention from the real job you are supposed to be doing and get on with really sorting the economy.
In other words, get back to politics and do what we pay you for!
If you can’t handle that then go before we throw you out!


Coming to the end of our time in Vancouver. The marina on Granville island sets a lasting image. Lots of choice there.
Now if I won the lottery this week the choice would be really difficult. What kind of craft would I go for? Would I make the adventurous choice and rely on sail?
Would I be prepared to blow my winnings on buying fuel for a diesel powered gin palace?
It’s all too difficult. I’ll forget the lottery. The gin will do without the palace.

This Guy is Dragged into a Pub

I was dragged into a pub today. I didn’t want to go but my wife insisted. We were in Victoria on Vancouver Island.
The pub was the Bard and Banker.I thought nothing of it at first, till that is I discovered that the building had been a bank and Robert Service had worked there. He also lived in an apartment above the bank
Now you might ask who he was. I would reply in shocked mode,he was the Yukon poet. He wrote The Shooting of Dan McGrew and many other poems that record the days of the gold rush.
He is my favourite poet.
How cool was that?

Cowichan Bay

We drove to Cowichan Bay on Monday. It is a small fishing port with docks and a boatyard. There is a small museum which charts the history of boatbuilding from the native canoes to more modern wooden boats.

The small harbour has some strange looking craft as you can see here.

Morning at the Eagle’s Nest

It’s the morning after the wedding at the Eagle’s Nest on Galiano island in British Columbia. Slowly the lodge is coming to life as we shake off the remains of sleep and start to move.
The move is in the direction of the kettle in my case as the coffee urge takes over. One cup of the magic potion, just one cup and the day can begin. I pop out onto the balcony and greet the day. The view over the water soothes my spirit and I know that God is still in charge!

Early Morning at the Eagle’s Nest

It’s just after seven and I have showered in the silent lodge. I looked out from my balcony window at the pair of eagles perched on a tree overlooking the water. They ignored me as I tried to get a good picture, regretting my decision to leave the telephoto lens in Vancouver.

After a bit of my prowling around they gave me a few squaks of "Move on now, you have had your fun!"
Things are stirring now time to move.