Have a look at the world through my window.

This blog will be my new contact site. This is where I will tell you how I see things. They say you should never discuss politics and religion but I will and more. If that disturbs you then look away now.

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2 thoughts on “Have a look at the world through my window.

  1. Michael mc dade says:

    Dear Joe. I have just read part 2 of your “way of the cross” in the SCO. Impressed? Certainly! Well written and highly illuminating for me. You hit a nerve, as it were, talking about God speaking to us. That is one of the most difficult thing for a believer to come to terms with and understand. How do we separate the genuine voice from imaginary ramblings and such? Time will tell, I suppose!

    Anyway, I look forward very much to Part 3.

    With very best wishes.

    Michael McDade

    • josephmcgrath112001809 says:

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your comment. I find it so encouraging that you read the article and, more importantly, you found it helpful. You inspire me to do better next time.


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