My Books

I publish compilations of my Catholic Observer articles on Kindle. You don’t need a Kindle to read these – they can be read using the free Kindle reader software.

Titles so far –

A Creed for a Common Man

A Creed For A Common Man

Catholics recite the creed at every Mass. What does this prayer say and what does it mean for us?

You Are My Hands Now

You Are My Hands Now

The Church professes to carry on the work that Christ began on earth. How do Christians live out their faith today? I talk to priests, artists, charity workers, politicians and more.

Looking For The Church

Looking For The Church

What is the Church and how is it seen in the world?

My Journey of Faith

My Journey of Faith

This is an account of my Year of Faith and how my attempt on the Camino to Santiago de Compostella turned out.

This book is now available in paperback from Amazon.

The Way of The Cross

The Way of The Cross is a service with a long history for Christians. The prayers trace the last journey of Christ. Looking beyond the prayers, what meanings are there for us? This book invites you to think again about the messages in each station of the cross.

My Kindle Author Pages are

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In the USA

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