Are You Missing Donald Yet?

Things just don’t seem the same now. I’m sorry to say I think I’m missing Donald Trump. I know he was probably the worst ever President of the United States but apart from the damage he was doing to the world he brought something else to my day. It was as if the Goon Show was back. Perhaps it had jumped clear of the radio waves and was taking over the world.

The Famous Eccles had somehow become the leader of the free world. Spike Milligan’s scripts reflected the insanity he witnessed as the world tore itself apart in World War Two. He translated that into an insanity that pervaded everyday life and the Goons were the result. Donald Trump translated the insanity that inhabited his head and produced an America that resembled the pages of Mad Magazine.

In the UK we could stand back and laugh at this parody of a government play out before us, not recognising that we were walking into our own version of the same insanity. We have a Prime Minister who seems to be reprising the role of Eccles every time he appears on television. We have a Cabinet that behaves like the Keystone Cops giving other countries around the world the light relief they badly need in this pandemic.

Perhaps Spike is somewhere up there, pulling the strings on this crazy puppet show reflecting the insanity, not of war but the insanity of our current political system. There is only one solution. We need to ‘Take Back Control’ and refine our constitution so that we are more resistant to criminal behaviour and incompetence.

I wonder if that will ever happen?

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