A View On The Killing


Life Savers

Apparently the Care minister has changed his mind on the Euthenasia question. He now thinks Lord Falconer’s bill should be supported. Even the former Archbishop of Canterbury hasĀ  decided the time is right for us to choose death over life. In fact he goes further than the bill which proposes to relax the law in casesĀ  where someone is suffering a terminal illness. Lord Carey refers to cases of people with locked in syndrom but not in a terminal state.

And so it goes on. The half truths are being rolled out to persuade a compassionate people (thats you and me) the it is wrong to let patients go on suffering in pain and it is better to kill them. The half that is true is that it is wrong to let people suffer in pain. The half that is wrong is that it is better to kill them. Whe have the technology to relieve pain; that’s what the hospice movement is all about. Of course it is cheaper to kill people.

Life is fragile. We take all sorts of steps to support life. My twin grandsons were born seven weeks early almost a year ago and the technology and, above all, the wonderful, professional care they recieved in Glasgow hospitals helped them to live and I now have two great wee boys. We spend lots of money on pedestrian crossings to keep people alive when crossing the road. Our emergency services are there to save lives. Why all this? Because life is important. We are either for life of for death.

That might seem a simple choice but it is not. Life costs money. Hospitals, hospices and carers cost. Death, on the other hand, makes money. We make millions from selling weapons, bombs and bullets whose purpose is simply to kill. We are currently remembering the First World War. That war caused millions to be slaughtered in the most horrible conditions imaginable. It was called “The War to End All Wars”, to stop the killing.

In the second leg, World War Two, we saw the killing grow into an industry. Apart from the fighting we saw millions murdered by the German regime because they were ‘subhuman’, handicapped, politically different or someone you don’t like. The Neuremburgh trials punished some of the perpetrators. Unfortunately the lesson has not been learnt. When you choose death over life killing becomes the answer to all sorts of problems.

Some will point out that the bill is restricted to the terminally ill and will be regulated. Well, they said that about abortion and we see the number of babies killed soaring. The archbishop’s outlook on this has already moved beyond the terminal cases. It’s a slippery slope and we are about to step over the edge.

Just hope you are allowed to grow old without developing some problem that the ‘Death Squads’ will deem to be too serious and have you put down.

Lib Dems in Glasgow

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Keep smiling Nick

The Liberal Democrats are having their conference in Glasgow today. As I type this Nick Clegg is speaking to the collective body. It is being broadcast on television.


This has been spun as the preparation for the 2015 election. Why Bother?

This conference boasts as the only really democratic conference in British politics. Policy is voted on and decided here. Why bother?

Before the last election the Liberal Democrats voted on and decided poilicy. After the election this was mostly abandoned in Nick Clegg’s dash for power – well a wee slice of power. In the end he only managed to make possible a minority Tory government that could inflict severe damage on the poor and working people of this country while boosting the fortunes of the rich and powerful.

He backs the Tory policies on the economy, disagreeing with his business minister Vince Cable who has some track record of being right about these things. He wants to put forward a picture of success of which he is part.

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Don’t rock the boat with good economic sense Vince

He is looking forward to the next coallition and seems to be willing to join either side. Which raises the question –

Why vote Liberal Democrat at all? Why vote for a party that will decide which of the other parties to side with? It’ like having a ballot paper that says ‘Tory or ‘Labour’ or ‘Just you decide for me’. Give Nick Clegg your vote to do with what he will.

Of course Nick fails to realise that we have seen through the scam. They will decide policy in Glasgow and go away and put it in the bin in Westminster. We can not believe anything they say. The party is, in fact, dead. Nick left a suicide note behind when he signed up with theTories.

This is, of course, all just my opinion, but I am not alone. Even members of his party seem to agree with me. They also feel betrayed by Nick. They would desperately like to change, but it is too late. Their party was stabbed through the heart, bled away its policies and died.

I think the funeral will be announced sometime in 2015. I wonder if anybody will bother to attend?

So, have a great conference. Enjoy your visit to Glasgow, then go off and find something worthwhile to do, knitting, macrame, train spotting. Forget politics – it has forgotten you.