My April Column – Mercy in Marriage?

This month I’m looking at mercy and considering Pope Francis’ exhortation Amoris Laetitia. I have my take on it . You may have a different view. The full document (264 pages) and a summary (considerably shorter) are available online. the link isĀ  below.

Link Page

Any comments?


The full text of my column will be here next week.

My Lovely Brother RIP

Jim on his graduation day

Jim on his graduation day

Yesterday the sun shone, it was Easter Saturday and I played with my twin grandsons in my daughter’s garden. All was well with the world. When night fell the telephone rang and I heard the news that my brother Jim had been found dead at home.

It’s raining today the randrops are running down the window like the tears I cannot shed for my lovely brother. he was a handsome, clever, straight (some might say blunt) person who always told it as it was. He could be hard to reach, his defence mechanism.

A proud father, hard worker and great brother. We all loved him and can’t begin to know how we will miss him.

Rest in peace now Jim.

Early Morning at the Eagle’s Nest

It’s just after seven and I have showered in the silent lodge. I looked out from my balcony window at the pair of eagles perched on a tree overlooking the water. They ignored me as I tried to get a good picture, regretting my decision to leave the telephoto lens in Vancouver.

After a bit of my prowling around they gave me a few squaks of "Move on now, you have had your fun!"
Things are stirring now time to move.

Vancouver Here We Come

I’m off to Vancouver to visit my son Sean and Lisa and their wee boy Fionn Joseph John. We were there in November 2012 just after he was born and we are really looking forward to catching up with him. Facetime is fine but nothing beats getting a hold of a grandson. This will be an eventful visit so expect a chain of posts here.