Morning at the Eagle’s Nest

It’s the morning after the wedding at the Eagle’s Nest on Galiano island in British Columbia. Slowly the lodge is coming to life as we shake off the remains of sleep and start to move.
The move is in the direction of the kettle in my case as the coffee urge takes over. One cup of the magic potion, just one cup and the day can begin. I pop out onto the balcony and greet the day. The view over the water soothes my spirit and I know that God is still in charge!

Early Morning at the Eagle’s Nest

It’s just after seven and I have showered in the silent lodge. I looked out from my balcony window at the pair of eagles perched on a tree overlooking the water. They ignored me as I tried to get a good picture, regretting my decision to leave the telephoto lens in Vancouver.

After a bit of my prowling around they gave me a few squaks of "Move on now, you have had your fun!"
Things are stirring now time to move.