My New Tablet

Nexus7 tablet computer

The new Nexus

No, it’s not a sugary confection – that’s my old tablet. This one is the second version of last year’s hit from Google. It’s the new Nexus7. I’ve waited for this version, hoping it would include the features I was looking for in a tablet and waiting ’till I had the money.

Well I got it yesterday and it’s got the features. It has all my Google stuff right there in my pocket. It has a good camera with superb image software. Photoshop in your pocket?

I can post to my blogs with this beauty and Twitter can keep me up to date . I’ll get all my email here too. I wonder if I need my Kindle now with a kindle app on the tablet? It is light and will fit in my inside pocket. Oh boy, am I going to bore you with this!

I gave away my netbook which was certainly more portable than my laptop, but it didn’t fit in a pocket and would have pulled the jacket out of shape if it did. Talk about a kid with a new toy? I’ve got a box of new toys in this beauty.

It has no space for an SD card but comes with cloud storage; everything is wifi now! I wonder how long it will be before they make wifi trousers and what exactly will they do? I has a mini usb socket and a charger, but it is set up for wireless charging too. That could be interesting!

I found you can buy an adapter that gives HDMI connection without drawing power from the tablet. That lets me plug it into the TV for slideshows, movies – you name it.

I’m going to buy a slim case to protect the screen. It has scratchproof glass, but I’m not sure how scratchproof that actually is. No sense in taking chances, eh?

I’m still figuring out all the bells and whistles – it gave another whistle just there, but Ill be back to bore you rigid with more news of my Nexus.

What do you mean I’m getting over excited?

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