Fings Aint Wot They Used Ta Be

Freak waves

Storms hit the coast

I don’t know if you’ve noticed , but the weather has been rather unusual recently. Storms have lashed the south coast and have destroyed the railway line to Cormwall. There are so many flooded areas in England that emergency services are stretched beyond their limits. Even the army is overstretched.

That’s not all. The East coast of the USA and Canada has been suffering a winter like no other. Some places have seen snow for the first time. Travel has been almost impossible at times. Meanwhile California is suffering its worst ever winter drought. I was in San Francisco over a year ago and my cousin Matt McGhaa was explaining that their summer water supply is dependent on the winter snows on the hills melting and topping up their reservoirs. Not much hope of that this year.

Australia has been on fire again.

Do you think the climate may be changing?

Do you think it might not be for the better?

Do you think the government has taken this seriously?

I don’t really want to be a prophet of doom, but the way things are looking I think we should start considering some changes around here. We could start with a government that seems to have missed the predictions and gut the money for flood protection.

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