Arthur and George – A criminal case

I’ll start with confession. I’m not a fan of Martin Clunes. Actually I don’t like anything he has been in. I disliked Men Behaving Badly. I can’t stand Doc Martin.

I was keen to see Arthur and George. I had read the book and thought the programme would be good. I was not so sure when I realised that Martin Cline’s was the leading character. However my opinion changed as soon as Arthur spoke. He was Doyle.

Visually this was really good. The cast is first class. So what’s wrong? The story has been sabotaged! Who is the criminal mastermind behind this assault? It’s the sound mixer. The music and other sounds drown out the speech. Shades of Jamaica Inn!

In this story, if you can’t hear the dialogue you completely lose the plot. What a waste! I hope I’m not the only one to complain about this.

I really hope somebody sorts this out before the next programme. Come on STV!

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