The Plans that don’t quite match

I’ve been building a plastic model aeroplane. It’s a Sopwith Camel, 1:28 scale by Revell.  It took me a while to persuade myself to buy the kit. I’ve built other Revell kits and I’ve always found a problem with the parts. there always seems to be at least one that is totally wrong. I built a 1:48 scale Mosquito that required severe surgery with a mini rotary tool but that was in the past. It shouldn’t happen again.

Well it did. I found the tail on the camel does not fit. I’m not sure whether the designer was thinking of a different shape to the fuselage moulding or whether he just got the measurements wrong, but the result is a gap where there should not be one. I spotted the mistake before sticking the parts together so another bit of surgery was required and the gap has been filled by strips of plastic cut from another part of the kit; the platform for the human figure to stand on.

I suppose I should be glad that there are mistakes like these. They present a mini challenge and stimulate the brain cells, those that are left in operation. It’s also useful to be able to refer back to this when I make a stupid mistake in something, well even big organisations get it wrong sometimes.

Never the less, it should be a beauty when I finish it. It probably won’t last; long my wife will probably knock it off the desk if the grandsons don’t fly it out of the window first. Ah well!

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