Glasgow Central Station Tour

Have you been on the Central Station tour? If not you should make a point of going when you are in Glasgow. We went along the other day (you need to book in advance) and were fitted out with hard hats and fluorescent vests. We looked like a small but determined group on a demo.

We were taken down into the bowels of the station and were amazed at the size of the spaces there. The guide explained how these spaces were used in the early days of the station. He also showed us the outline of the village that was cleared to make way for the station.

The group were led through the caverns

Going down further we entered the place where the bodies of soldiers killed in the First World War were laid awaiting the families to identify them. The guide’s account of the social history of this station is particularly shocking at this point. Going down further we entered a disused platform on what was an early underground track. This space is under development and they plan to reconstruct a Victorian platform here in the future.

The very bottom of the station

The workers here have found lots of evidence of life in a Victorian station, cigarette packets, newspapers etc. They have even found traces of early tunnels from the time of the original village here. I’m sure this will develop into an even more interesting attraction for anyone who is interested in the history of Glasgow and of railways.

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